Thursday, 30 January 2020

MIDI Clock Sync Labels

One of the things that was lurking at the back of my mind whilst I was looking at connecting the Novation Circuit to the Novation Circuit Mono Station was some way of highlighting the way that the 3.5mm TRS sockets are wired up. I have other equipment that also uses 3.5mm TRS-to-MIDI adapters, and not all of them are the same - there are two different ways of connecting that little socket in common usage (and more if you try hard, but please just don't!).

Which got me thinking - and here's the result:

Yep, two different sticky vinyl labels that can be stuck to the underside of equipment, or stuck to a luggage tag and attached to the piece of equipment (now that's an interesting tip). Of course, you will need to check the way that the sockets are wired up - I couldn't find any way to make a sticky vinyl label that is that smart!

To save you some of the hassle of finding sticky paper (or better, vinyl), printing onto it and then cutting out the labels, I have used one of those on-line drop-ship companies to do most of that for you! Unfortunately, the die-cutting only cuts out part of the sticky vinyl labels, so you will need to do some work with a pair of scissors. Unlike most other things from this blog (but like everything on my store), I'm afraid that you have to buy these labels.

My store is here:

The store also has some 'statement' T-shirts, plus another die-cut vinyl sticker for labelling those sockets that are hidden away on the back of equipment. More cutting is required - sorry. I'm hoping that eventually the people who do the die-cut stickers will find a way of improving the cutting out...

In use...

Echoing back to a previous post, here are the labels in use on my 'non-RP54' Novation Circuit and Mono Station:

These are prototypes, and I will do some photos of the real things very soon.

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