Saturday 28 March 2020

Music By 300 Strangers = 380 plus me

Every so often, I contribute to a project, safe and secure in the knowledge that no-one will ever hear of it, or hear it. Well, it may be that this time it might be different...

Over the last few weeks, a lot of musicians, who normally contribute virtual instruments, demos, and information to the web-site and forum, have been working on a collaborative 'systems music' project set off by Spitfire Audio's amazing Christian Henson (his Twitter picture should be on the left...) for Pianoday 2020 - the 88th day of 2020 (88 keys!). And, yes, I was a contributor...

Here's the original 'call to arms' from the end of February 2020...

Here's the splash screen from just before the YouTube video of the World Premiere, which was at 17:00 on Saturday the 28th March 2020 (the 88th day, of course):

Christian explains a lot about how the music was made here.

My contribution...

For my contributions I used my MaxForLive chord device, ProbablyChord, to automate the chord sequence provided by Christian, and used the constrained random controls to produce random inversions of the chords. The sounds that I used were produced by the 'Synthesizerwriter's 29 Bagpipes' virtual instrument that is available free on

Here's the bit in the main 'Music by 300 Strangers' where you can see my screenshot:

...and in the credits...

 ...there I am. My name in lights! Wow!


Pianoday 2020.   The official web-page for Pianoday 2020

Yamaha's Piano Day page.  Yamaha's page on Pianoday 2020 The Pianobook page

The collaboration project   Christian's 'call to arms'

systems music. What is 'systems music'?

ProbablyChord.   My MaxForLive device that I used to make my contribution

Synthesizerwriter's 29 Bagpipes.  The source of the sounds that I used in my contribution

YouTube video of the World Premiere.    The World Premiere YouTube video...


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