Wednesday 9 December 2020

Seasonal and Almost On-Topic!

It is the time of year when some people celebrate by sending other people greetings or gifts, when some people contemplate what they bought in the annual 'Black Friday' ever-expanding sales, when some people suddenly play a very specific genre of music (on-topic!), when some people anticipate the end of one year and the beginning of another year (with various emotions), and when some people do none of these things. 2020 seems to have been a year of extremes, of change, of polarisation and increased uncertainty. I hope the coming year is different!

Apparently, putting people in lockdown has resulted in huge sales of musical instruments... To kind of reflect this, I have added a seasonal design to the Tee-shirts in my online store: Synthesizerwriter's Store. If you wanted a 'Christmas Tree'-themed tee-shirt with a modular synthesizer bias, then you might be in luck! And if you wanted something that says 'Synthesis' in other ways then there are alternative designs and items - there are even cushions! 

Genre-specific music...

Here's an example of some seasonal genre-specific music, less most of the repeats and lacking a huge production budget...

A link to the music...

One of the main instruments that I used is a Kontakt virtual instrument that has the dubious honour of being a submission to that has been 'lost in the system' - it IS there, but the only way to find it on the site is if you know the URL! (or you do a search...)


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