Saturday 18 December 2021

Synthesizerwriter audio

Publicly, as far as audio is concerned, I'm not very visible. Here are some places where you can find bits of audio that I have created:


Two singles have been uploaded via DistroKid so far (one of them very recently, so it may take a while for it to ripple through the system...) and so should be available on most popular steaming services. Searching for the name 'Synthesizerwriter' should be all that you need to do...


An experiment in not following the rules, which describes me quite well in some circumstances and contexts. The timing, phrasing and structure are deliberately not the usual multiples of four.


What might a 17th Century composer have done with electronic music? Would they have avoided adding  Tubular Bells to create a seasonal (December) piece of music? Why have I always been hooked on old music? There may be some answers here...  


This is not going to be very useful in a lot of cases. Just about everything that I have uploaded to SoundCloud is an audio demonstration to illustrate something I have been working on - often MaxForLive devices. A few of these are arguably 'pieces of music', but many are not. Probably for completists only, or people who have downloaded the M4L devices!


This is an example of using modular synthesis plus orchestral sample-based instrumentation for a 'music for pictures' project. I was deliberately avoiding the 'Marvel'-sound that has become very popular in scoring in recent years.

Derived Works

You can hear demos produced by other people, but which use the sample packs and virtual instruments that I have produced for Christian Henson's amazing project here:

Synthesizerwriter - Demos. (Go to any of the sample packs and look for the demos on the right hand side...)

I have the greatest admiration of the astonishing compositional skills of the people who produce demos on! 


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