Saturday 3 April 2010

'Slango' SoundCloud track shared!

I think SoundCloud is a great concept. Unfortunately my experience with it as a service has been mixed. I've had upload problems in the past, and I can't get the share to work with Blogger at all (works fine with Facebook, btw), which is why this post is done manually. But I persist because SoundCloud ought to be the perfect solution, and I'm hoping that given time...

Slango1 by martinruss

So here's the track that I wanted to share. It's another rambling piece of electronica, this time inspired by the 1970s. So it's deliberately at a fixed 120 bpm, in a predictable 4/4, in the key of C, with a hackneyed chord sequence, minimalistic arpeggios, no development, etc. I used the ever-wonderful Ableton Live for the sequencing, and the essential Audacity (with Lame) for the final conversion to MP3.

I've also captured this track driving one of my recent visualizers too, and you can see it on my YouTube channel...


Oh, and as you will see immediately below this, I'm gradually becoming a fan of Oliver Chesler's 'Wire To The Ear' blog, which has a rare resonance with the way that my mind works. Thoroughly recommended!
From synthesizerwriter

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