Sunday 17 February 2019

Interviewed by Darwin Grosse of Cycling '74

Back in January, I mentioned that sometimes the music industry caught up with me, and I'm pleased to say that it has happened again! As a result of asking about gen~ in Live 10 for a blog article, I exchanged emails with Darwin Grosse, who is the Director of Education and Customer Services at Cycling '74, and he asked me if I would be interested in being interviewed for the 'Art + Music + Technology' podcast page.

And I said 'Yes, of course!'

So if you ever wanted to hear what I sound like, and learn a bit more about my background...

(I'm interview number 264, so Darwin has been very busy! It is well worth scrolling down to see some of the other people that he has interviewed...)

I would like to thank Darwin, Cory and all at Cycling '74 for all of their help over quite a few years. Their support has been consistently wonderful! I just wish that I had more time to develop more  MaxForLive devices - unfortunately I have a lot of other projects that also keep me busy...

Darwin Grosse's web-page contains a lot of useful and interesting links.

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