Sunday 10 April 2022

Tuner In A Patchbay!

Please file under: I should have thought of this earlier!

Previously, I have mentioned that I bought a guitar tuning pedal, as well as a Korg TM-60 tuner device to try and improve my embarrassing record of submitting sample libraries that were out of tune to Well, some time later, I have realised that the Korg TM-60 tuner works rather well when it is connected to my patchbay! The metronome and tuning reference (A-440 Hz) audio outputs work very nicely as sound sources when developing patches in programmable effects units (Empress Zoia, Poly Effects Beebo, et al), and the monophonic input helps me keep modular devices (my Rebel Technology Witches, for example) in tune. 

I've recently been doing more labelling around the studio, which is why the TM-60 has that 'Mono' label on the audio input (I made a cable with two mono inputs summed by two 15kOhm resistors into a mono output jack just for the patchbay).

The Korg TM-60 in a mobile phone grip on a photo accessory mount...

Yes, you can see a small isolating transformer in the headphone output line - I have more on the outputs of computers that are connected to any audio equipment, and I've been testing out various USB isolators as well... But the Korg tuner doesn't have any USB, so those will have to wait for another day... 

The grip is interesting - it is really a photo accessory designed to hold mobile phones using the 1/4 inch camera screw mount system. The clamp fits onto the standard 37.8mm aluminium tubing that you find on the classic keyboard stands from Jaspers and in my case from Ultimate Support Systems many years ago:

The mobile phone grip and clamp...

The clamp enables the tuner to be placed just about anywhere on a keyboard stand:

The rounded black bit has a rotary tightener that holds two balls in place, so you can position the tuner in just about any position. You can get camera accessories like these from Amazon (and other photographic suppliers) and they are pretty good value for money. Some of the more professional heavy-duty ones might be adaptable for holding small MIDI Controllers, which I will look at in a future post.


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